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At your first visit we will discuss your fact situation and your various options for proceeding.

Information gathering

You will provide information regarding your assets and debts, income and expenses to assess your requirements and obligations in the dissolution. You will also discuss your family living arrangements and your goals for child custody and parenting access.

Fee Retainer

Based upon the complexity of your particular fact situation and the attendant requirements for evaluation of assets, discovery of financial information and expert evaluations for custody disputes, I will determine your retainer. Matters involving litigation typically require higher retainer fees as they require more attorney time. For this reason, among others, resolving issues through agreement usually saves on attorney fees. All clients sign a fee retainer agreement which sets forth in detail my fee and cost charges and your obligation for keeping the account current. It is customary to have a written fee agreement to avoid misunderstandings about how you are charged. Although courts may require one party to pay the attorney fees of the other party, it is discretionary with the court and based upon individual circumstances. Where the law permits and the facts justify it, we can seek an award of attorney fees, though your obligation to pay your own attorney is not affected by the court’s decision whether or not to award fees.


There is a fee for first appointments for consultation. It is a flat fee based upon my hourly rate as we customarily spend about one hour to review your facts and circumstances at the initial interview. An appointment is required.