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Cornerstone Family Law

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About the Cornerstone team

Cornerstone Family Law is a firm founded by a diverse group of individuals who had careers before they became attorneys.  The firm continues to add attorneys who have had practical experience with real-life, to understand better the struggles and obstacles individuals have when legal issues impact their lives. The Cornerstone team spends time together both inside and outside the office, commemorating milestones and celebrations throughout the year, ringing true to why family is a part of the firm’s name.


Services we offer

Cornerstone Law is happy to offer the personalized services of our attorneys in areas such as Family Law, Criminal, Civil, Landlord/Tenant Issues, Veteran’s Appeals, Estate, Probate, and Will Planning The firm strives to offer effective representation and build a trusting relationship with their clients. After a brief phone discussion with the office, two attorneys meet at a location and time that is convenient for the client, whether it is during the work day, after normal business hours or on the weekend. They offer regular check ins and updates with their clients on each case. Cornerstone offers a competitive hourly rate for their legal services and utilizes a sliding fee scale for clients who qualify. The firm offers its services and representation to clients throughout the State of Minnesota, including the outer-lying counties.